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Research at the PV Technology Lab of FOSS Research Centre for Sustainable Energy focuses on a wide range of themes and to activities extending well beyond scientific research. We pursue research collaborations and conduct research in collaboration with other academic and industrial institutes. 

Outdoor photovoltaic performance

Our group specializes in outdoor performance assessments of innovative photovoltaic devices at both cell/module/system levels. Research in this area focuses to investigate the real performance of different technology PV technologies, optimise the yield of PV systems, develop special module packaging designs. The devices are outdoor exposed in the infrastructure located at the photovoltaics test laboratory.


PV applications

Research in this theme focuses to advance the state of the art across the field of mini-grids, transportation and building integrated PV (BIPV) and building applied PV (BAPV) applications.


Grid integration

We conduct research in close collaboration with grid utility operators in the fields of renewable grid integration, distributed energy resources (DER) and smart grids. Such collaborations are quite important for our team as we have the opportunity to combine the research and the practice together but also to seek information by people with extensive experience in the field of energy.  


Performance modelling

Research in this area aims to develop a deep understanding in the fields of PV system energy production, ageing and degradation as well as spectral simulation. Photovoltaic systems are also monitored in real weather conditions analyzing long-term time series and extracting data points.


Standardisation and characterisation

Development of models and characterisation of new PV cell technologies and concentrating PV (CPV) both indoors and outdoors. These models transforms light energy into electrical energy in similar way the conventional photovoltaic technology does.



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