Guidelines to Quality

The decision to purchase a Photovoltaic (PV) system is a long-term investment and for this reason must be selected with great care. The system is expected to operate at extreme weather conditions for over 20 years and must prove to deliver the electricity output (financial output) and performance but also to be safe and durable.

In this aspect, it is very important to consider some important quality issues aside from the price because this is a decision that you will be living with for a long time.

In principle, the selection of which photovoltaic module and from which manufacturer/installer the system will be purchased, is a process that requires careful consideration.

The main parameters to be considered during the selection are the:

• Technical characteristics of all system components (as obtained by the datasheet)
• Detailed specifications of the modules, inverter and mounting system
• Certification and quality standards of the product
• Quality of the products (visual inspection of the product)
• Warranty
• Experience and past endorsements of the manufacturer/installer
• Quality of service offered by the manufacturer/installer


Now the main question arises of How much does a PV module cost? and What the cost comprises of?

•    The cost of a PV module depends upon several factors:
•    The power capacity of the module(W)
•    The quality of materials used
•    The manufacturing batch and patented manufacturing processes
•    The durability (or warranted period)
•    The certifications


Technical Specifications


Quality Assurance






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