Work Packages

The activities of the research project are divided in six work-packages (WPs).

Formulation and benchmarking of guidelines and algorithms for the detection and diagnosis of performance losses and failures (WP2)

The scope of WP2 is the formulation of monitoring guidelines on the acquisition and analysis of PV performance data-sets for the development of innovative algorithms for the diagnosis of performance losses and FDRs, based on previous relevant work performed at the UCY. It is imperative that in order to detect failures and performance losses the data-sets sampled and acquired will be at a high resolution (1-5 minutes), thereby extending the measurement requirements beyond the recommendations of the IEC 61724 standard, for measurement, data exchange and performance analysis of PV systems. Typical measurements will include meteorological (total irradiance in the plane of the array, ambient and module temperature, wind speed and direction), PV system side (voltage, current and power) and utility side (grid voltage, current, power, outage duration period). Different algorithms will be developed in order to identify and quantify system performance losses due to thermal and irradiance behaviour, soiling, shading, string mismatch, bypass diode effects, inverter failures and insulation faults, non-optimal maximum power point tracking (MPPT) and unexpected trends. The algorithms will perform real-time comparisons against known failure profiles and performance effects, threshold levels and modelled expected performance in order to first identify the loss and then quantify the effect. For the development of FDRs the system will comprise of the failure detection tool and the failure profiling and footprint methods. The routines will evaluate patterns of energy loss by creating profiles and comparisons with predefined profiles of frequently known failures such as hot spots, bypass diodes, inverter faults, grid outages and others. The operational verification of the algorithms will performed on an experimental test-setup at the UCY and the OTF of GI against emulated faults and measured performance effects.